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Replacing Missing Teeth

Unfortunately, sometimes we lose teeth and need to replace them for cosmetic, functional and preventative reasons. Here at Brookside Dental, centre of implant and cosmetic dentistry, replacing missing teeth is at the core of what we do, allowing us to present our patients with all of the possible options available to replace missing teeth and thereby restore your confidence in your smile!

Why replace missing teeth ?

If spaces are left following removal of teeth, neighbouring teeth are very likely to move into the gap by drifting, tilting and over-erupting (opposing tooth drops down). This can cause unwanted food trapping or creation of gaps or crowing further forward in the mouth, and can make chewing become more difficult. If we are missing teeth at the front of the mouth this can also severely impact self-confidence.

Dental implants

We can replace missing teeth using dental implants.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge offers a fixed solution to replacing missing teeth


Dentures can be manufactured to replace the missing teeth.

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