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Effective, affordable and ethical dental care

Your local, family-run dentist in Market Harborough since 1940

Using a combination of advanced techniques, precision equipment and dental flair, we ensure our patients' smiles leave lasting and positive impressions with our comprehensive range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments.

Get £500 off Invisalign at our Open Day

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0% interest over 12 months. 5 year plans also available

Dental care with a difference in Market Harborough

Welcome to Brookside Dental; an independent dental practice run by Dr Ravi & Dr Anisha Gathani, with a focus on providing exceptional cosmetic and general dental treatments and genuine patient care for everyone in Market Harborough.

Our team of like-minded, ambitious, and highly skilled dental professionals are passionate about delivering the highest quality dental care, and we go above and beyond for our patients. We’re not only available for emergency appointments and contactable 24/7, we offer free consultations for cosmetic dentistry, a range of payment plans and safe IV sedation options for nervous patients, so everyone has access to the dental care they need.

Our team is encouraged to pursue professional development in order to enhance our clinical excellence, and we invest in the best technology, equipment, and products to ensure every treatment is done right from start to finish, and every patient journey with us is a successful and enjoyable one.

Dr Ravi Gathani
0% interest finance payment plans
Sedation options for nervous patients
Free consultations with no deposit
24/7 caring and effective dental care
Emergency appointments available

Have seen many dentists (including professors) around the world. Ravi has a professionalism and skill right up there with the best.
He is a great communicator, technically brilliant, safe and inspiring.Hygienist Fiona is equally expert and diligent. All combined, the whole Brookside team has excellence in every department.

David Tredrea

Invisalign Diamond Apex providers in Market Harborough

We’re proud to offer the world’s most advanced clear aligner system to our patients at Brookside Dental.

Invisalign provides a virtually invisible way of straightening your teeth using a series of discreet, custom-made aligners, so getting the smile of your dreams has never been so easy, comfortable, and fast.

We offer a free Invisalign consultation, where we’ll assess your unique case, give you the chance to ask any questions, and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about your teeth straightening treatment. Once you decide to go ahead with Invisalign, your new smile is only a few steps away.

Step 1
3d scanning

Using specialist Invisalign software, we’ll take a digital 3D scan of your teeth to help us predict what your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment, and we’ll also use the Invisalign tooth movement software to estimate the total length of your treatment.

Step 2
treatment plan

Using specialist technology, Invisalign will custom-make a series of clear aligners that will gently straighten your teeth over time. Each aligner will be worn for 2 weeks at a time, when you’ll replace them for the next one in the series until your treatment is finished.

Step 3
Enjoy your
new smile

Once your teeth have been moved into their final position, you’ll need to take care of them! We recommend all our patients wear a custom Invisalign post-treatment retainer as often as possible to help your teeth stay in the new, straightened position.

Remote Invisalign
treatment monitoring

We know people have busy schedules and we try to accommodate the needs of our patients wherever we can, so we offer Invisalign Virtual Care - a remote treatment monitoring service at no extra cost for our Invisalign patients.

We use the simple Virtual Care app, which allows us to monitor your Invisalign treatment and send comments or instructions over secure messaging, without you having to come into the practice.

We’re also available on social media via direct message for current and prospective patients who want to send us photos or get any advice, information, or potential costs remotely.

Your smile makeover
at Brookside Dental

Most people want to be able to smile with confidence, but not everyone is blessed with photo-ready teeth from a young age!

Using innovative technology and industry-leading tools, our team of dental experts can help you achieve a beautiful smile with our wide range of general and cosmetic dental treatments. Offering everything from teeth straightening and dental implants to composite bonding and veneers; our Market Harborough practice will have you smiling with confidence in no time at all.

Everyone at Brookside are friendly and helpful.RAVI has done an amazing job with my teethand I couldn't recommend him enough! Thank you.

edward mills

Dental consultations, wherever you are

We want everyone to be able to access a dental consultation if they’re suffering from a toothache, broken tooth, dental pain, or unusual swelling, but we also know that work or study schedules can make visiting the dentist difficult.

That’s why we offer remote dental consultations via Zoom for Brookside Dental patients in Market Harborough, as well as nearby areas such as Corby, Rugby, Kettering, North Northampton, and Kibworth.

You can send us any photos or information before your appointment to help us identify what treatment you might need more effectively, and after your remote consultation we’ll make sure you get the dental care you need, when it suits you.

Smile transformations at Brookside Dental

Teeth Whitening

Crowns & Bridges

Composite bonding

Frequently asked questions about Brookside Dental

  • Where is your practice based?

    We’re based at 94 St Marys Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7DX. Our practice is nice and central, and we offer free unlimited parking on the driveway, and free 40 minute parking on the main road outside the practice. We have ground floor surgeries so the practice is wheelchair accessible, and full air conditioning and large windows and doors provide a comfortable, calm environment for your treatment.

  • What are the practice opening hours?


    8:15am - 7pm


    8:15am - 5:15pm


    8:15am - 5:15pm


    8:15am - 5:15pm


    8:15am - 5pm


    By appointment only

  • Do you take both private and NHS patients?

    Yes, we take both private and NHS patients, but we’re currently only taking new NHS patients if they’re a child, and a family member of an existing private patient.

  • Are you currently accepting new patients?

    Absolutely – we love meeting new patients and being able to help people with their dental needs!

  • Do you take dental emergencies?

    Yes we do. Being a small, family-run business, all enquiries via email, voicemail, and social media are picked up straight away and if it’s an emergency, we do our best to get back to the patient and schedule an appointment ASAP, no matter what time or day.

  • How can you help me if I’m an anxious patient?

    We understand that for some people, having dental treatment can be a very stressful time. Here at Brookside Dental we are well equipped to work with nervous patients. We offer a gentle and safe IV sedation to help relax the patient if that allows them to complete their dental treatment stress-free. If you’re anxious or worried bout anything, feel free to contact us and we can help to ease your fears and make sure your dental experience is manageable.

  • Do you do remote consultations?

    Yes we do! We want everyone to be able to access a dental consultation if they’re suffering from a toothache, broken tooth, dental pain, or unusual swelling, so we offer remote dental consultations via Zoom for Brookside Dental patients in Market Harborough, as well as nearby areas such as Corby, Rugby, Kettering, North Northampton, and Kibworth.

  • Do you offer a free consultation for new patients?

    Yes, we offer a free initial consultation in the practice with one of our dentists to chat about what treatments you’re interested in and check your suitability, discuss your dental history, answer any questions you have, and give you an opportunity to see the practice. We can offer remote/virtual video calls for this initial consultation if preferred, but we do encourage you to come into the practice if you can. If you decide to go ahead we’ll then book you in for a 30 minute paid clinical exam.

  • How much will my first clinical exam cost?

    Adult new patient consultation and clinical exam will cost £70, and includes 2 small X-Rays and treatment plan if needed. Any further treatments will be discussed and booked in from here.

  • How much is an emergency dental appointment?

    An emergency dental appointment for a new adult patient is £85, and includes 2 small X-Rays, a full health check, and treatment plan if needed.

  • How much does Invisalign cost?

    Invisalign treatment at Brookside Dental starts from £2,150. We do offer free orthodontic consultations for patients considering teeth straightening treatment, but new patients will still need to have a new patient clinical exam first, which will cost £70 including small X-Rays and treatment plan. After that, we can book you in for your free Invisalign consultation.

  • Do you offer payment or finance options for your treatments?

    We do. We know that dental care can be expensive and we want everyone to be able to access great quality dental care when they need it, so we offer a range of finance options to suit different budgets. See our Pricing page for more information.

  • How often should I have a dental check-up?

    To keep on top of your oral health, you should have a dental check-up every 6 to 12 months. This helps us to monitor your teeth and make sure we catch any issues early and hopefully avoid the need for bigger, more expensive treatments.

  • How often should I see a dental hygienist?

    We recommend our patients have a dental hygienist appointment every 12 months (or as often as you can). A dental hygiene appointment helps to keep your teeth and gums clean and free of plaque, which reduces infections and tooth decay, and subsequently the need for treatments like fillings, dental implants, or a root canal.

  • What’s included in a dental hygiene appointment?

    Our high-quality hygiene treatments include cleaning, gum care, scaling, polishing and tailored oral hygiene advice and demonstrations.

  • Do I have the option to see a male or female dentist?

    We understand that some people may be more comfortable with a male or female dentist, so if you let us know that you’d prefer to see either a male or female dentist, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Rest assured, and we want our patients to feel comfortable when receiving treatment from us – your experience is our priority.

  • Do you have Covid-19 or health and safety protocols?

    Of course! At Brookside Dental we take the health and safety of our staff and patients very seriously, and we make sure all our patients feel safe and comfortable when being treated in our practice. Our staff all wear face masks where appropriate, and our entire practice is always kept clean and sterile to the highest industry standards.

  • Do I need to wear a facemask?

    If you feel comfortable doing so, we encourage all our patients to wear a face mask when they’re inside the practice.

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