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We can replace your missing teeth and help you achieve a permanently lovely smile with dental bridges at Brookside Dental.



Treatment time

7-14 days

Dental bridges at a glance

A dental bridge offers a fixed solution to replacing missing teeth by using a healthy tooth to anchor a false tooth in the mouth.

Two or more crowns are fitted to teeth either side of a gap in order to support a false tooth suspended over the gum, and thereby ‘bridge’ the gap. The adjacent natural teeth act as anchors to the false tooth. Not everyone is suitable for a bridge, as this depends a wide range of factors including the size of the gap and the status of the teeth either side. You must also accept the risks to the adjacent teeth that crowing these teeth and using them for support can bring.

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What are the different types of bridges?

Different bridges are indicated depending on the position and size of the space, the status of the teeth either side and the arrangement of the bite.

  • Fixed conventional bridge
    Crowns are placed on two teeth either side of the space and used to anchor the false tooth, which is connected to both adjacent crowns.
  • Fixed cantilever bridge
    One of the teeth next to a space is crowned and used to support and anchor the false tooth.
  • Maryland (wing) bridge
    One or more teeth next to a space is used to support the false tooth using a minimally invasive wing stuck to the back of the anchor tooth. This is available in either metal or ceramic depending on aesthetic expectations and affordability.

What is a bridge made of?

A dental bridge can be made out of a variety of materials depending on your clinical and aesthetic needs.

  • Porcelain fused to metal
    A metal substructure covered with a layer of tooth coloured porcelain
  • Max ceramic
    All ceramic, highly aesthetic material which bonds well to natural teeth
  • Zirconia
    An extremely strong, hard-wearing, tooth coloured metal and ceramic compound

How is the bridge fitted?

After a thorough oral health assessment and special tests such as x-rays, if a bridge is the agreed treatment plan we will prepare the neighbouring teeth for crowns under local anaesthetic.

Impressions are taken to send to the laboratory in order to manufacture your bespoke dental bridge. Some clinical photos may be taken to help communicate the colour shades and characteristic differences which we can add in order to make the bridge more unique and natural. The type of preparation on the neighbouring teeth depends on the material being used and the type of bridge being made.

Where suitable, an immediate temporary bridge can be made on the same day of the tooth preparation whilst you await your final bridge to be returned from the laboratory 7-14 days later. The fit appointment is usually quick and comfortable, and most of the time does not even require any anaesthetic.

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