Dental check-ups in Market Harborough

We’ll monitor and maintain your teeth and gum health with regular dental check-ups in Market Harborough.

New patient cost

From £70

Existing patient cost

From £35

Taking care of your oral health

Having regular dental check-ups are really important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Why regular appointments?

Seeing your dentist on a regular basis allows us to understand your lifestyle, keep track of your oral health, and take a more preventative approach to your care. Dental check-ups also help us to reinforce good oral hygiene habits, detect any problems early, and thoroughly discuss any treatments you might need.

Your dental examination includes:

  • Assessment of all individual tooth conditions
  • Assessment of gum health and disease screen
  • Soft tissue assessment
  • X-rays where required
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral hygiene advice
  • Personalised treatment plan

Superb dental practice and excellent service.
Anisha and Ravi are super friendly, professional and skilledI have been well explained about my treatment needs. Treatment outcome exceeded my expectations. Safe and efficient Covid-19 precautions. Highly recommend.*****

Aleksandrs Uljanics

Emergency Dentist – Pain relief within 24 Hours

Our friendly team will find an emergency dental appointment that suits you, within 24 hours.

For emergency dentist appointments in Market Harborough, call us now on 01858 462734, or email:

Out of hours – Leave us a voicemail or email us and we will work hard to get in touch and book you an appointment within 24 hours!

We promise:

  • An appointment within 24 hours of first contact – (Not including weekends)
  • Full assessment, including necessary x-rays, and diagnosis of the issue
  • Provide all available treatment options.
  • Endeavour to get you out of pain at your first appointment.

Visiting a new dentist can be daunting at the best of times, but here at Brookside Dental, we promise to treat you with the respect, empathy, and the compassion you deserve.

We can treat the cause of the pain, earn your trust, and hopefully build a strong relationship to maintain your dental health long term.

Minimally invasive restorative dentistry.

Sometimes, for many reasons, we can get tooth decay and this can lead to a cavity, pain and infection if left untreated.

Regular check-ups allow your dentist to spot these lesions early and allow for a simpler restoration, rather than letting it grow and require more complex treatment.

Fillings - What Are they made of?

There are different materials for fillings available, each have their own individual properties, allowing for use in different scenarios.

Direct – Chairside

  • Composite
    Tooth coloured and chemically bonds to teeth, more technique sensitive to place
  • Amalgam
    Very durable and made of a mix of metals, an alloy. Dark colour

In-Direct – Laboratory made

  • Inlays/onlays
    Custom made in a laboratory, of either gold, resin or ceramic, for a great fit and precision shaping. Requires 2 visits

Your dentist will discuss which is best for your unique need after diagnosing the issue.

How do you prevent tooth decay?

To avoid tooth decay you must

  • Maintain a good oral hygiene regime – Brush 2 x daily, morning and night with a fluoride toothpaste,
  • Limit the frequency of sugar and acids intake,
  • Regular Check-ups and regular Hygiene visits.

Full covering, cuspal coverage restorations

Crowns are restorations which fully cover your natural teeth that can be used for a variety of reasons:

  • Cover the whole biting surface of the tooth to protect from fracture
  • Restore heavily broken-down teeth
  • Build up tight contact points between teeth to stop food trapping
  • Change the shape and size of teeth
  • Change the colour of teeth
  • Aesthetic reasons

Here at Brookside dental we strive to continue to invest in our knowledge and equipment to stay at the forefront of the industry and use the best materials we can.

Dental Crowns

Here at Brookside dental we strive to continue to invest in our knowledge and equipment to stay at the forefront of the industry and use the best materials we can.

What Are they made of?

There are many different materials available, each having their own properties and function and require different restorative and clinical skills:

  • Zirconia
  • Emax porcelain
  • Bonded ceramic
  • Composite
  • Non-precious metal
  • Precious metal
How long does it take?

A crown will usually require 2 visits with a 1-2 week gap between.

You will be fitted with a temporary resin or acrylic crown whilst your long term crown is being custom made.

How do I maintain the crown?

Treat it as a normal tooth, Regular tooth brushing, at least 2 x daily, floss and inter-dental brushes, regular Hygiene visits

Why are teeth removed?

Removal of teeth is a last resort but sometimes necessary

When teeth can no longer be restored, or any other clinical decision, along with patient discussion, has been made, we need to remove teeth.

These reasons can include:

  • Unrestorable cavity or fracture
  • Very loose, bone loss
  • Large infection
  • Resorption
  • Failed dental treatment

At Brookside dental, our team appreciate this can be a very vulnerable and upsetting time in anyone’s life and promise to put you at ease from the moment you enter the practice. We will use the best techniques and equipment to make it as pain-less and comfortable as possible.

What can I do to replace the missing tooth?

When teeth are removed, we must think of what our long term plan is, as we will begin to loose bone as soon as the tooth is removed, so if we can plan our long term goals we can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, otherwise known as Endodontics, is carried out in order to relieve dental pain caused by inflamed or infected nerves inside the tooth, which can happen due to dental decay, trauma, or even a deep filling placed inside the tooth.

A root canal involves our specialist Endodontist removing the pulp chamber and nerves of the tooth and cleaning the root canal system to remove the causes of inflammation and infection, which is then filled to prevent bacterial re-infection.

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