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Anti-wrinkle treatment at a glance

The natural ageing process causes skin to lose both volume and elasticity.

Muscle contraction during facial expression, such as frowning and smiling, causes the skin overlying the muscle to crease. Loss of elasticity means that the skin does not bounce back in the same way it once did, and loss of volume means that these wrinkles become increasingly prominent, even when the muscle is relaxed. This leads to the formation of facial lines and wrinkles visible at rest, which are identified as a classic sign of ageing.

Small Botulinum toxin injections under the skin help to relax the muscles responsible for causing these facial lines and wrinkles. By preventing muscle contraction, the skin overlying the muscle does not crease when making certain facial expressions, and therefore the skin stays smooth and the expression appears more youthful. This helps to prevent facial wrinkles from forming if they have not yet become visible at rest, and helps to smooth out and reduce the appearance of wrinkles which have already become prominent.

At Brookside Dental, we use Azzalure® rather than the more commonly known anti-wrinkle injections. Both products are compounds of Botulinum toxin, however experience has lead us to favour the results using Azzalure®.

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Anti-wrinkle treatment areas

Frown lines

These are the vertical wrinkles which form in the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows. These significantly deepen when frowning or squinting, and can commonly lead to in a vertical line in the skin visible at rest even when the muscle is relaxed.

Botulinum toxin treatment helps to relax this muscle and therefore prevent this line from forming or becoming deeper, and can help to smooth out a line which has already formed. Treating the frown area also helps to achieve a subtle eyebrow raise and thereby help to open up the eyes and give a fresher look.

Smile lines

These are the horizontal lines which spread out from the corner of the eyes when smiling.

Botulinum toxin treatment helps to relax the muscles around the outside of the eyes, thereby preventing these lines from forming even when giving a big wide smile.

Forehead lines

These are the horizontal lines which form across the forehead when raising the eyebrows. When these lines become present at rest, they are often very noticeable and can cause un-even tan lines or difficulty with make-up application as it falls into the creases.

Botulinum toxin treatment helps to relax the forehead muscle and thereby stop these lines from appearing when the eyebrows are raised. Existing lines will be smoothed out offering a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

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