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If periodontitis isn’t advanced, treatment may involve less invasive procedures, including

  • Scaling: Scaling removes tartar and bacteria from your tooth surfaces and beneath your gums. It may be performed using hand instruments, a laser or an ultrasonic device.
  • Root plaining: Root plaining smoothens the root surfaces, discouraging further build-up of tartar and bacteria, and removes bacterial by products that contribute to inflammation and delay healing or reattachment of the gum to the tooth surfaces.
  • Topical or oral antibiotics can help control bacterial infection. Topical antibiotics can include antibiotic mouth rinses or insertion of gels containing antibiotics in the space between your teeth and gums or into pockets after deep cleaning. However, oral antibiotics may be necessary to completely eliminate infection-causing bacteria.
  • Airflow – the use of specialised powder in our new state of the art handpiece allows for 100% plaque and stain removal, above and below the gum line

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