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Is it painful?

No! There is no need to be worried if your Dentist advises you that a root canal treatment is necessary. Patients are often fearful and apprehensive due to the common myth that root canal treatment is painful. This is not the case! When we discuss this with patients following treatment, most report that they do not experience any pain during treatment with Dr Anisha. This is because Dr Anisha will ensure the tooth is completely anaesthetised (numb) before starting treatment, and her gentle approach places patient comfort at the upmost importance.


How long does the treatment take?

Root canal treatment is a very complex procedure and demands patience and careful attention to detail. The length of the appointment varies on the type of tooth, as this will dictate how many root canals are present inside the tooth. Dr Anisha will discuss this with you at your consultation appointment and give you a clear idea of how many appointments will be necessary (usually one or two) and how long each appointment will take. We offer patient selection over the music you would like to listen to in the surgery, or we are also happy for you bring small headphones that can be worn during treatment to help make it more relaxing. Dr Anisha often has patients fall asleep during treatment! That’s how comfortable and relaxing root canal treatment can be in the right hands.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a root canal treatment can be very overwhelming, especially as it comes shortly after discovering that this daunting treatment has become necessary. However, these costs can very quickly be understood once there is an improved awareness of the procedure involved. This highly technical treatment demands expert clinical skills, knowledge and investment in cutting edge equipment and materials to ensure the highest quality of endodontic treatment is being provided. The cost will vary depending on the type of tooth, as some teeth only have one root canal and some can have as many as five or even six! Therefore, it will depend on the time taken to complete the treatment and will be confirmed with you at your consultation appointment. However, Dr Anisha is determined to keep her prices competitive and charges similar fees to dentists in the area who have not gained any further skills or qualifications in the field. Here at Brookside Dental, we work hard to ensure we are providing high quality treatments at affordable prices.


What happens afterwards?

Following successful root canal treatment it is essential to have an onlay or crown placed on the tooth. This is to help protect the seal and thereby prevent bacteria from getting back into the root canal system and causing re-infection. Root-treated teeth also become more vulnerable to fracture following treatment, so an onlay or crown is vital to protect the tooth from breaking.


Should I have the tooth extracted instead?

No! In most situations it’s always preferable to keep your natural tooth. As advanced as new dental technology is, there is nothing like your own tooth. However – in some situations we have to accept that the tooth is too far-gone and may not be worth saving if it has a poor long-term prognosis. Dr Anisha will be very honest with you if this is the case, and this is something that would be determined at the consultation stage. Here at Brookside Dental, we always act in our patients’ best interest and will be sure to help you make the decision which is best for you.


What if I decide to have my tooth removed instead?

If you choose to go ahead with an extraction instead of root canal treatment, you can either leave a gap in your mouth or have the missing tooth replaced using a denture, bridge or dental implant. Your Dentist will go through these options in detail at your assessment appointment.

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