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Endodontics is more commonly known as ‘root canal treatment’. Root canal treatment is carried out in order to relieve dental pain and allow you to save your tooth. This treatment becomes necessary when the nerves inside a tooth become inflamed or infected by bacteria, which can happen due to dental decay, trauma, or a deep filling placed inside the tooth. The nerve chamber, ‘dental pulp’, lies in the centre of the tooth and nerves travel from the chamber through the roots inside ‘root canals’ to exit at the tip of the roots. During root canal treatment, the pulp chamber and nerves are carefully removed and the root canal system is cleaned, shaped and disinfected to remove the causes of inflammation and infection that are responsible for the dental pain or abscess. Filling material is then placed inside the root canals to fill the spaces and prevent bacterial re-infection.

Dr Anisha graduated from Kings College London in 2013 and has been working within the general dental practice setting ever since. During this time, Anisha has discovered both a passion and unique talent in the field of Endodontics and has chosen to embark upon specialist training within this field. Therefore, Anisha has a higher degree of training and experience in the provision of root canal treatment than many other general dental practitioners, and offers her expertise to patients within our practice as well as accepting external referrals from other practices for more complex treatments.

Dental pain from cavities

Signs & Symptoms

There are a few signs and symptoms which may indicate that root canal treatment is necessary.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Endodontics.

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