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We assess the state of your jawbone and gum where the tooth was lost. We will take an xray of the area and if required refer you to have a CBCT scan for a more accurate evaluation of the site.

Depending on the state of the jaw we sometimes need to prepare the site by doing a bone graft or sinus lift, which will build up the jawbone where the implant will go. As soon as you are ready, we make an appointment to place the implant.


Implant placement

The metal implant is screwed into the jawbone and left for about three to six months. During this time new bone grows around the implant, securing it in a process called osseointegration. This stage is completely pain free with the use of modern anaesthesia, and completed using the aseptic technique, in a completely sterile environment.

We can place a temporary crown at this stage, to fill the gap in the interim or you might be happy to leave the space whilst the area heals.

It is normal to expect some mild post-operative pain, bruising and swelling, but this can be controlled with medication and mouthwashes prescribed by your dentist after the procedure.


Abutment and crown placement

After allowing the implant site to heal and the implant to integrate with the bone we can then start making your custom crown, This is usually between 3-6 months after placing the implant.
A connecting piece called an abutment is screwed into the implant and a false tooth made to exactly fit and match your other teeth is placed on top. The quality of these restorations is such that you can easily forget which tooth is the false one!

The crown can be screwed in, for easy retrievability, or cemented, depending on the type and angle of the implant.

The teeth can be made of a metal crown covered in porcelain or an all ceramic tooth depending on your desired outcome.

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