After various checks and scans it might become evident that you do not have enough bone in the right areas to support dental implants.

In years gone by this would limit your options, however nowadays with great care and skill we can do some additional procedures to rebuild the bone and begin the journey to get you the perfect smile.

We can now do bone grafting procedures as a routine part of implant placement to bulk up the bone around the implant, for improved long-term stability.

Types of Bone Graft include:

  • Xenograft – Bone from another species, usually from Bovine
  • Allograft – bone from the same species, usually a cadver
  • Autograft – bone from the same patient from another site
  • Block bone – Where more bone is required we use blocks of bone, usually from cadaver of the same species, this will require 2 surgical events.

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