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Boost your self-confidence with teeth whitening in Market Harborough

For an even more dazzling smile, professional teeth whitening in Market Harborough, at Brookside Dental, is a safe and predictable solution. Here at Brookside Dental we are proud to be an Enlighten smiles accredited provider. Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the worlds best performing whitening treatment, and the only system to guarantee excellent results. It provides a safe, effective and predictable way to whiten your smile and reverse the effects of smoking and food/drink stains.

Following a consultation with your dentist, a mould will be taken to allow construction of bespoke whitening trays which fit your teeth perfectly. You will then wear the trays overnight for 14 nights, followed by a final 40-minute treatment with your dentist. The active ingredient in whitening gel passes safely through dental enamel and uses chemical oxidation to break down stains and whiten the teeth.

In just 2 weeks you can have the brighter smile you are dreaming of; ready for weddings, holidays or just to boost your everyday self-confidence.

Enlighten whitening can whiten up to 16 shades, Results vary but if used correctly, all natural teeth will whiten dramatically. However – don’t worry about your teeth becoming too white. Natural teeth cannot become un-naturally white. This only happens when patients have porcelain crowns or veneers which are too made too bright.

It is completely safe. When carried out by an accredited Dentist or Hygienist and and Therapist, Enlighten whitening will not do any damage to your teeth at all!

Teeth whitening can be sensitive during the whitening process, however Enlighten has manufactured special products specifically to help tackle sensitivity which are included with all Enlighten whitening treatments. A specially designed tooth serum is provided to brush your teeth with whilst you wait for your trays, which helps to prepare your teeth and reduce sensitivity experienced during treatment. You are also provided with easy to-use desensitising swabs which work instantly to address sensitivity.

Enlighten trays take two weeks to return from the laboratory from having your custom mould taken. Following collection of your Enlighten kit and whitening trays, these must be worn overnight for 14 nights. On the 15th day you return to the practice for a 40-minute in-surgery whitening treatment to complete the process.

Results can last indefinitely with simple maintenance by wearing the trays for one night a month in order to keep the whitening “topped up”. You will also be provided with a special toothpaste which helps to maintain the beautiful results.

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