Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers consist of injectable hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin which is responsible for maintaining hydration, volume and and elasticity. The aging process causes levels of natural hyaluronic acid in the skin to deplete, hence the skin loses volume and elasticity and starts to droop and facial lines and wrinkles become prominent. This volume loss also affects the lips so they start to disappear inwards resulting in the formation of fine wrinkles around the lips.

Treatment Areas

Nasolabial folds

These are the vertical folds which travel from the corner of the nose to the corners of the mouth, caused by volume loss in the cheeks. Dermal filler can be used to fill out these folds and therefore provide a plumper appearance.



The lips are the most commonly treated area using dermal fillers. Our trained and qualified experts at Brookside Dental can achieve anything from subtle plumping to help smooth out wrinkles around the lips to more dramatic lip enhancements to provide a more voluminous ‘Kylie Jenner’ pout. Lip filler treatments are tailored to each individual, starting with careful product selection. Therefore, you can be assured that the result achieved will be as subtle or as enhanced as you request, whilst always respecting the natural harmony of the facial features and keeping the appearance naturally beautiful.


Here at Brookside Dental, our aesthetic practitioners are trained dental professionals. Therefore, we most commonly carry out lip filler treatments using dental anaesthetic to completely anaesthetise the lips prior to the treatment. This involves the use of small injections in the mouth, similar to those used for dental fillings. And so, the lip filler treatment is completely pain-free! Whilst we also offer lip fillers using more widely used numbing cream for those patients who may be too anxious to have dental injections, we know from experience that this does not help to reduce the pain during treatment which can still be very sore. Lip fillers using dental anaesthetic can only be administered by dental professionals and makes the procedure much more comfortable for both the client and practitioner, as we are not worried about causing any discomfort during treatment.

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is naturally broken down by our body after some time. Therefore, often the duration for which fillers last varies slightly depending on an individuals personal metabolism of hyaluronic acid. However, on average, treatment results remain for 6-9 months. The effects diminish gradually until your skin eventually returns back to the original appearance before treatment. Some clients choose to return for a top-up when the results begin to fade.

Common side effects occur shortly after treatment include redness, bleeding, bruising, swelling and temporary asymmetry. This should reduce within a few days and advice will be given to reduce the side effects such as application of a cool-pack immediately after treatment and avoiding the application of make-up for 24 hours to prevent infection.

Dermal fillers are safe provided you are in the correct, well-trained hands. A sound knowledge of facial anatomy is imperative when administering fillers; hence at Brookside Dental we believe medical professionals such as Dentists are amongst the safest experts to provide these treatments. Therefore, serious risks are rare but will be discussed with you in detail at your consultation appointment.

Prior to injecting, your practitioner will remove all make-up and the skin will be cleaned and disinfected. We advise to avoid taking aspirin and drinking alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before treatment as these can promote more bleeding, bruising and swelling following the injections.

Following lip filler treatment, you are advised to avoid applying make-up for 24 hours in order to prevent bacterial infection of the injection sites. You will also be advised to apply ice or a cool pack on your lips to help reduce swelling and the application of Arnica cream can help to reduce bruising.

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