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Nowadays we do not need to have 1 implant per tooth we are replacing, so if we need to replace multiple missing teeth, we can usually place fewer implants and bridge between them, making the treatment more cost-effective.

After careful planning the implants are placed in specific locations under local anaesthetic, then after a 3-6 month healing period we can make the crowns, bridges or attachments to go onto the implants.

Depending on how many teeth are missing or need extracting we can make a tailored treatment plan to make sure we give you a long-lasting replacement to suit most budgets.

Unfortunately for many reasons we can lose all of our teeth, or they may be in an untreatable condition that severely impacts your confidence. In this case we can replace the whole jaw with as little as 4 implants, giving you that strong, functional and confident smile you have dreamed of.


Implant retained dentures –

Removable dentures can be very difficult to get on with especially when they are replacing all the teeth on a jaw. Bulky, unstable and trapping food, they have many negatives, but with modern techniques we can fit between 2 to 4 implants to click the denture on to, significantly improving stability and retention – NO MORE DENTURE GLUE

Depending on available bone and budget we can place less implants and lock a denture onto the implants to replace the whole jaw. This is very cost effective and replacing the whole jaw can start from as little as £5000


Implant retained bridges –

If we want a fixed solution to replace multiple missing teeth, even all the teeth on a jaw, we can use implant retained bridges.

Implants would be placed in specifically planned sites and allow us to bridge between the implants with ceramic crowns.

With modern concepts we can replace the whole jaw with as little as 4 implants, and secure a fixed, screw retained bridge with great aesthetics and function.

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