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Intravenous Sedation

For some patients the thought of having any dental treatment or even just coming in for a routine check-up can be very distressing due to severe dental or needle phobia. Here at Brookside Dental, we treat a lot of very anxious patients; and with our caring, empathising, and patient nature, we can usually help to overcome dental anxiety without any problems. However, sometimes patients are just too scared and hence are unable to co-operate. Everyone deserves the highest standard of dental care and intravenous sedation can help us to achieve this for even most anxious of patients.


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We use of a sedative drug called Midazolam, which we carefully inject into a vein to allow patients to relax. This is guaranteed to work on even the most phobic patients. The strong drug acts quickly to suppress any fears and puts the patient into an altered state of consciousness and much more relaxed state of mind. You are still awake and alert to simple instructions but are completely at ease and unaware of what treatment you are having done.

  • Very nervous patients
  • Patients with dental phobia
  • Patients undergoing long treatments or surgical treatments such as dental implants
  • Complex dental problems

At Brookside Dental our sedation team are fully accredited to carry out sedation making it very safe! Using advanced skills, careful precision and help from digital monitoring equipment, feel reassured there is no risk of any side effects. The drug naturally metabolises in the body and we only let you leave when we are happy it has worn off.

You must leave with an escort and follow our strict post-operative guidance which will be discussed in detail at your consultation.

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