Teeth Whitening by Dr Ravi

Teeth Whitening – Why we use Enlighten Whitening

Boost your self-confidence with Teeth Whitening at Brookside Dental, Leicestershire. For an even more dazzling smile, professional teeth whitening is the safe and predictable solution. Here at Brookside dental in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, we are proud to be an Enlighten smiles accredited Teeth Whitening provider. Enlighten is a world-leading teeth whitening system, and the only system to…

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Vampire teeth

Trick or Tip – Dental health tips during Halloween

With Halloween (and dare I say it, the festive season) around the corner, This means bags of free sweets and easy access to sweet treats for children and adults. It is hard to follow most routines, and completely resist the temptations, which can lead to neglecting your oral health. Here are 5 Dental health Tricks…

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Invisalign aligner

Invisalign treatment in Market Harborough

We offer Invisalign treatment in Market Harborough here at Brookside Dental. We are proud to offer the world’s most advanced clear aligner system, Invisalign, providing a virtually invisible way of straightening your teeth. Using a series of discreet, custom-made aligners, straightening your teeth has never been so simple, comfortable and fast. Call us now on…

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