NHS Treatment

The NHS requires you to pay for the cost of your dental care, unless you are exempt from NHS dental charges. The following charges apply depending on the course of treatment advised by your Dentist:


Band 1 course of treatment: £22.70

Includes an examination, X-rays, diagnosis and advice.


Band 2 course of treatment: £62.10

Includes all treatment covered by Band 1, plus additional treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment and removal of teeth (extractions).


Band 3 course of treatment: £269.30

Includes all treatment covered by Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures such as crowns, dentures, bridges and other laboratory work.


Emergency dental treatment: £22.70

Any emergency care including advice, pain relief or a temporary filling.

Adult new patient consultation

Includes 2 small x-rays


New patient emergency appointment

Includes 2 small x-rays and anything your dentist can do to relieve your pain


Adult routine examination


Small X-Ray


Panoral X-ray

Full mouth image


Tooth-coloured filling

from £90

Dental bonding

Closing gaps between the teeth

from £150 / tooth


from £90 – £250

Adult maintenance hygienist visit

(30 mins)


Child orthodontic hygienist visit 10-16 years

(20 mins)


Periodontal treatment with hygienist

(Treatment of gum disease)

£65 (30 mins)

£97.50 (45 mins)

£130 (60 mins)

Airflow stain removal

(30 mins)


Full acrylic denture

from £550 (single arch)

from £700(dual arches)

Partial acrylic denture

from £350

Cobalt chromium (metal) denture

from £850/per arch

Valplast flexible denture

from £370

Tooth-coloured crown

IPS e.max ceramic or zirconia


Ceramic veneer

IPS e.max ceramic


Maryland (wing) bridge

from £450 (metal wing)

from £600 (ceramic wing)

Ceramic bridge

from £700

Implant consultation

Includes 2 small x-rays

Free for existing patients

£55 NEW patient

Dental implants – single

Includes implant screw and crown

from £2,200

Implant-retained full denture – Lower jaw

from £4,500

Implant-retained full denture – Upper jaw

from £7,000

Implant-retained full arch fixed bridge (All-on-four)

from £12,500

Bone augmentation (graft)


Intravenous sedation


Endodontic Consultation

Includes all small X-rays


Root canal filling – incisor/premolar

from £350

Root canal filling – molar

from £450


Includes 2 small x-rays

Free for existing patients

£55 NEW patients

Home whitening


Enlighten teeth whitening


Orthodontic consultation

Includes 2 small x-rays

Free for existing patients

£55 NEW patients


from £1800/arch

from £2500 dual arches

Fixed ceramic (tooth-coloured) braces

from £1800/arch

from £2500 dual arches


Free of charge

Wrinkle reducing treatment

1 area – £195

2 areas – £245

3 areas – £295

Wrinkle reducing treatment

Introductory offers for first treatment at Brookside Dental and refer-a-friend scheme

1 area – £145

2 areas – £195

3 areas – £245

Dermal fillers

£240/ ml

Non-surgical periodontal treatment


Surgical periodontal treatment


Guided pocket regeneration

from £500/site

Crown Lengthening

from £250/site

Connective tissue Graft

from £350/site

Visit Fee

£70 within 1 mile
£90 1-3 miles
£150 3-5 miles